Ice Pack Uses

Dozens of Ice Pack Tips and Uses

  • Cut into individual cubes and use in lunch boxes
  • Cut into a strip of six or seven cubes long and wrap around head for headaches or use on the neck for neck pain
  • Cut to size to fit small coolers; for larger coolers, create an ice blanket by putting one sheet on bottom and one on top
  • Use in a sealed cooler or container when shipping perishables such as seafood or chocolates
  • If icing down beverages in a cooler, add wet ice to fill in around cans, then cover with ice packs to keep the ice frozen for hours (and drinks much colder!)
  • Use as first aid for bumps, bruises and sprains
  • Take on the boat and substitute for wet ice
  • Reduce the use of dry ice with ice packs
  • Warm them in the microwave for soothing heat pad
  • Perfect for pulled muscles
  • Use at little league or other sporting events
  • Cut some open and mix with potting soil to improve moisture content of soil
  • Use in golf bag in the side pocket to keep several beverages cold.

Helpful Tips

  • If you place the ice packs in your freezer with the plastic side facing each other, they will not freeze together.
  • These ice packs can be microwaved to create a wonderful hot pad. Ice packs need to be thawed and microwaved for only a few seconds.
  • Shipping perishables - if you seal a cooler or Styrofoam container with duct tape, with ice packs and perishables inside, you will get an extended freeze time with the packs.
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