Commercial Wholesale 864 Pack Quantity

Commercial Wholesale 864 Pack Quantity

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Each pack measures 3.1 " x 3.7 " and contains a special, super absorbant material that soaks up water. You receive 864 packs on multiple sheets to customize for your use, for just $85.00. These packs are completely non-toxic. Most ice packs on the market today contain Urea, a waste byproduct. These ice packs DO NOT contain waste byproducts! In addition, these ice packs do not release the water once they thaw out. No more water in the bottom of the cooler or leakage into food or on clothing.

Absolutely perfect for coolers (wrap them around your beverages or food), the beach, sporting events, sprains, bumps, bruises, headaches, in the car, on the name it.

When done, just throw them back in the freezer until you're ready to use them again.

Forget crushed ice and those bulky blue gel packs that fill up your cooler or freezer! These ice packs flat out perform any other type of ice pack system. How do we know? Many years of commercial use-shippers use them for transporting juice, flowers, meats, chocolates, just about anything perishable.

You will not be disappointed. Of course, always buy with confidence-review our Satisfied Customer Comments!.

Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back-no questions asked.

Here is one of the most ingenious and effective ice pack systems invented.

These flexible ice pack systems are actually sheets of individually sealed pads that arrive flat. You can cut them to any configuration you need, soak them in water for just minutes and freeze. Voila! You now have ice packs that are not only reusable, over and over, but they are flexible when frozen. Try this with conventional gel packs or ice!

This product uses FDA Regulations Materials and are in compliance with USDA and FDA guidelines.

Product Comparison Ice Packs Wet Ice Gel Ice Dry Ice
Maintains uniform temperature Yes No No No
Absorbs fluid leakage during transport Yes No No No
Shipped dry to point of use (lowers freight cost) Yes No No No
Maintains humidity levels Yes No No No
Does not release water when thawed Yes No N/A N/A




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